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      Green Friday - We need to change the way we shop

      Green Friday - We need to change the way we shop


      At The Hiden Collective we have declare a boycott against the Black Friday discounts being offered by the majority of online shops.

      Black Friday as incredible negative impact on our planet, it is the biggest sales days of the year thanks to the crazy discounts that generate an incredible amount of waste worldwide.

      Instead, we are donating 20% all our Black Friday sale to the Woodland Trust, the UK's largest woodland conservation charity.

      This is why we are calling our Black Friday, Green Friday.

      The decision comes from wanting to offer you an ethical and eco approach and this has always been at core of our business.

      We would like you to think before any purchase this Black Friday about whether you want an item because is worth it, rather than because of a dramatic discount.

      For our Green Friday, we are encouraging spending sustainably or not spending at all.

      Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle does not mean gifts are banned, it just means making better choices. 

      Buy gifts that are made of natural materials rather than plastic. 

      Buy gifts that are local and therefore do not have the air miles.

      Buy gifts that are reusable time and time again and don’t just get thrown away once Christmas is over.  

      Buy gifts from businesses that use compostable (not just biodegradable) packaging. 

      Buy from small businesses that have families to support this Christmas. 

      Buy from people that have a heart and are giving back.

      Also #greenfriday is campaign where companies are trying to coax the public out of the shops and away from their computer and mobile screens (where they are spending so much money!!), to instead spend time outdoors, with friends and family, enjoying the wonders that our world has to offer.

      Black Friday

      They want us to keep buying as if there is not tomorrow, and Black Friday or Cyber Monday are just another way of wooing us into keep spending money and buying “stuff".

      When consumers demand more, more needs to be made which increases the negative impact on the environment.

      Our consumption habits are already taking a toll with increased emissions, increased land-use and deforestation, which is accelerating climate change.

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