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      COCOA AMOREChocolate

      Cocoa Amore Chocolate

      Cocoa amore have built a strong reputation as producing some of the finest handmade chocolates in the Midlands. They combine their desire, passion for flavour and the art of the chocolatier to satisfy your senses. Cocoa Amore use the finest cocoa sourced from ethical and sustainable cocoa farmers. Through buying and enjoying their chocolate, you’re helping to support these growing estates around the world. They’re dedicated to sharing the benefits of quality cocoa and an innate love of chocolate.

      At Cocoa Amore sustainability takes a centre stage with the importance of helping to enrich the lives of people all over The Cocoa Belt.

      Cocoa Amore Chocolate gift

       Most of Cocoa Amore’s creations use premium high-quality chocolate from Luker, a socially and environmentally responsible company that is improving the quality of life for farmers in Colombia.

       They also commit and strongly believe in assisting young people with their career plans.

      They usually have several young people involved in their mentoring programmes where they learn people skills, work ethic and chocolate making.

      All their cardboard is recycled and they only use recycled paper bags. 


      - Loads of choice of high-quality chocolate, at reasonable prices. - Tanya

      - Delicious chocolate - Deborah

      - The best handmade chocolates with some quirky flavours - James

      - Everything we had from Cocoa Amore was delicious! - Sinead

      - Best chocolatier around. Genuine passion for their craft and endless knowledge of everything cocoa. - Pauline