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      Cupsmith tea

      Cupsmith is a family run business by George and Emma with a passion for the finer drinks in life, and pottering. 

      Shunning the relentless, nerve-frazzling speed of modern day life for one that harks back to a slower, meandering pace, possibly by enjoying a great cup of tea.

      Their range of finest leaf teas in pyramids is deliberately small.

      In a world where our choices are headache-inducingly huge, we’ve done the work to bring you only what we think are the very best drinks to enjoy every day.

      Emma, also said that their mission is to bring people the finest teas at home every day.

      Cupsmith Organic Tea

      She says, "We want a fun brand and drinks that people fall a little bit in love with, but most of all we want them to take a just a few minutes out to enjoy their hot drinks at home every day.

      In this crazy fast-paced world of ours we all try to do too much, too fast.

      Personally I'd like to minimise takeaway drinks; I want the world to drink sitting down, doing less, watching the clouds go by."