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      Old Rectory Preserves - Marmalade & Relish

      Orhanic Hampers UK

      Old Rectory Preserves began in 2014, after former Master Chef finalist Annabel Anderson moved to Carleton Rode in Norfolk and found that her new house’s kitchen garden and orchard yielded more fruit than she could eat. Annabel began experimenting with preserving the glut, and friends quickly encouraged her to start a business.



      Old Rectory Preserves won multi-awards in the last few years including 9 Great Taste Award & 10 Artisan Marmalade Maker Awards.

      Her range of jams and preserves marries classic fruits with herbs and aromatics. The majority of the produce used is grown at the Old Rectory, and Annabel is especially enthusiastic about cultivating heritage varieties.
      Traditional methods are used to create small batches, resulting in limited-edition flavours depending on what is in season.

      Organic Hampers UK

      Annabel is keen on emphasising provenance and sources additional ingredients from within East Anglia, when possible. Old Rectory Preserves uses beet sugar grown and processed in Suffolk, along with cider vinegar from a farm in the village, and a variety of other items from local artisan suppliers.

      Old Rectory Preserves Natural Principals

      -All preserves use seasonal fruit

      -None of the products contain any artificial colours or preservatives

      -Some of the recipes use pectin as a gelling agent. They use a natural apple pectin that is certified organic, allergen free, vegan and kosher

      -They try to source heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables which give to their preserves a unique flavour

      - Exotic spices are supplied by Steenbergs, are certified organic and predominantly FairTrade

      Old Rectory Preserves Environmentally aware

      -Glass jars are British-made, recycled and recyclable.  Labels are easily removed from jars to enable our customers to re-use easily

      -All Packing materials are all recycled and biodegradable

      -British manufactured natural acetate ribbons are 100% biodegradable

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