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      PRIDDY ESSENTIALS  Beauty & Candles

      Priddy Essentials Gift
      It's hard not to fall in love with Priddy Essentials. Their paraben-free perfumes and skincare products are all hand-blended in small batches,  As natural as you can find and not choked full of chemicals
      With an amazing smell  and stunning packaging..

      Priddy Essentials founded in 2011  create the most luxurious and most  practical products that challenge the ideas of tradition and push them forward for our current times.

      Striking a balance between traditional craft methods and modern design processes, Priddy Essentials is influenced by Scandinavia and Japan style and ethos.

      Their products focus on simplicity in design and place high value on doing more.


      - I smell pretty goddamn fantastic most of the time now thanks to you guys and most of all to my friends who introduced me to your brand! - Jenny

      - The most amazing hand cream! - Paula

      - My house smells wonderful Bergamot & Ginger everywhere spray...delicious - Barbara

      - My favourite hand cream.  Every scent is different and original.  Pure smelling essential oil mixes. I like these better than Jo Malone.  Been using for several years. - Nancy

      Priddy Essentials Gift delivery UK