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      TWO CHIMPS Coffee & Tea

      Two Chimps Coffee gift

      At Two Chimps Coffee they hand roast ethically sourced, single origin specialty coffees direct from their roastery in Rutland, the smallest county in England.

      Their coffees have been produced by small farms and cooperatives globally.

      Not only does freshly roasted specialty coffee taste fantastic, but it does it’s bit  for the world too. They pay between 30 and 150% more than the ‘going rate’ for their green beans to make sure the farmers who lovingly grow and harvest such superior products are paid correctly for their works and efforts.


      At Two Chimps they firmly believe that fresh is best. With this statement in mind,they freshly hand roast coffee multiple times each week.

      Also by never ‘over roasting’ their coffee, they avoid bitter and burnt tastes and this process leaves room for a naturally sweet and smooth flavour to shine instead


      Two Chimps coffee gift hamper

      Two Chimps source only specialty coffee, a much higher grade of coffee in comparison to ‘commodity coffee. 

      For a coffee to be given the ‘specialty coffee’ title, it must first gain a quality score of 80 points or above.

      The coffee is scored on a number of points, to include its aroma, mouthfeel and taste.


      - Unbeatable coffee at great value. LISA

      - Excellent choice of coffee SIMON 

      - Two Chimps Coffee have completely transformed our daily coffee consumption and we could never go back to average coffee from now on! PETER 

      - Brilliant service for a wonderful coffee.  I am allergic to caffeine and this is the best decaf ground coffee I have found. MARY 

      - Bangin' coffee! SAM 

      - Best coffee by far!!!!! IAN 

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