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      Extra tasty coffee in a unique 250g package.

      Two Chimps support the farmers and workers in the country of origin.

      They make sure they pay between 30 and 150% more than the ‘going rate’ for their green coffee, meaning the farmers are paid more for their crops.

      This in turn leads to the opportunity of better living conditions and, potentially an even better harvest.

      A washed, single origin coffee from La Cascada in Honduras. Grown at 1450 metres above sealevel, this coffee is full bodied and chocolatey sweet.

      Hand Roasted in Small Batches

      Tastes Like: Easy drinking & super tasty. This full-bodied coffee has a milk chocolate sweetness & a subtle pear-like acidity.

      How to Brew: While this coffee tastes awesome in every device, its favourites are an espresso machine, Aeropress & moka pot.

      Behind the Scenes:This Organically Certified coffee is grown in the Gualme area of Copan in Western Honduras.

      Roasting:  At Two Chimps, they hand roast coffee. They use the roasting process as a way of showcasing the natural flavours and aromas from the coffee. If a particular coffee is roasted too dark, these flavours and aromas will be lost, and instead, you will find burnt and bitter notes. Because their coffees are of such high quality, they don’t need to roast darker to hide any bad flavours. All of their coffees have a natural sweetness, and they give this sweetness room to shine through.

      Roast Style – Medium

      Location: La Cascada

      Varietal(s): Mixed

      Processing: Washed

      Altitude: 1450 metres above sea level

      Country: Honduras

      Certification: Organic

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