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      Do you wonder who we are and what we are all about?

      First of all thanks for checking us.

      Let me start by introducing myself..

      I am Marco and I am the brain behind The Hiden Collective.

      I grew up in Florence, Italy. I spent lots of my childhood in my family floral shop (is not that bad as it sounds!) and step by step I started to love everything that surrounds the floral industry.

      Up to my 30th I had an intensive and super busy life full of unpredictable decisions and new opportunities. To name a few:

      • I was the youngest new trend floral demonstrator for the International Flowers School of Master Florist of Italy and I travelled everywhere for them
      • I became the head visual merchandiser of 2 international fashion designers
      • I suddenly left everything and started to travel the world where I learned to respect and love the planet 
      • I bought a piece of the Nicaraguan’s cloud forest to protect the endangered species and trees
      • I studied and worked in permaculture farms where I was in charge of the beehives and plant  nursery.

      With my wife we moved to London where I had an incredible shop called Hiden Floral Design based in Marylebone.

      The business was great, a really busy online store, tons of customers, creating incredible and ginormous decorations for events, weddings and corporate. Features in national and international magazines.

      But something was missing in our life and after a long brainstorm we realised that we wanted to live in a rural setting, be closer to nature and be more in harmony with the environment. Fortunately my wife had family links to the beautiful county of Rutland and it seemed an obvious choice to return there to do what we love!

      And this is how The Hiden Collective was born and by the way Hiden Floral Design specialises in Weddings and Events in the East Midlands, nationwide and in Italy.

      The Hiden Collective is an independent small company that unites so many talented independent suppliers under a unique umbrella.

      Our goal is to update the way that flowers and gifts are delivered in the UK by providing a better and greener alternative to the big guys.

      And believe it we have a simple plan to  achieve this:

      • We deliver beautiful flowers & plants that are ethically grown at a reasonable price.
      • We stock a small selection of flowers, ALWAYS FRESH, to minimize our waste and environmental impact
      • Our In-house designed bouquets & plants are done by our super talented florist
      • You can choose any of the products from our website and we will deliver it all from our studio 
      • We collaborate with many incredible business owners and this is represented in our quality of gifts
      • Superfast ordering process  (saving you time) 

      P.S And by the way, the word Hiden is not a mispelling!

      Hiden is a Japanese word that means “the secret technique that the teacher pass to the best student”