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      At The Hiden Collective we source just the best ethically and locally grown British flowers.

      There are flowers in bloom in Britain throughout the year even in the depths of  our cold grey winter!

      We work with the season and you will be able to enjoy any flowers at their best, every Bouquet is an explosion of texture.

      Like most growing living things, British grown flowers are affected by the seasons, the weather and other regional natural changes. This is what makes us really interested to work with the seasonal changes that nature brings us.  It's a pleasure then to be able to show and celebrate this natural variation by incorporating each bloom into a stunning bouquet for you or your loved ones.

      As a result some of the flowers listed in our seasonal guides may not be available at certain times.


      Would you like to know more about  British flowers?

      Are you curious to see the difference between emission of CO2 between British flowers and Dutch flowers?

      Have a look at our BEST BLOOMS - BRITISH BLOOMS  blog post and I can promise you that after that you realise how much more CO2 has been produced by the imported flowers you will always want to source British Flowers.