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      Definitely, we are an independent small company proud of our straight to the point values of authenticity & honesty with our customers and vendors, commitments for the environment and generosity with our team.

      We are also excited to be on a journey to fulfil our mission to provide the best ethically grown flowers & plants, local independent sourced goodies and to deliver an excellent customer experience every single time.

      We ‘re proud to design each bouquet, wrap any plants and source any other goodies with our heart and we promise you to always do what’s right and to do our very best for the future of this planet.

      Our Floral Designer Quality 

      Tons of experience, fully qualified and still in love with all the flowers and plants.

      We create eco-friendly design (you are not going to see any non-biodegradable cellophane with us!), we don’t have 100s variety of flowers in stocks and we offer a few amazing bouquet design & plants.

      This helps us in offering the freshest flowers & plant and reducing unnecessary wastage.

      And so if you are looking for a  “classic/boring” bouquets or plants…We are not sure we can help you, but if you are ready for an explosion of texture and the most beautiful seasonal flowers available, here we are!

      We definitely aren’t like other companies, we design with love and it shows in each and every arrangement.

      Our Floral & Plant Wrapping

      We don’t do non biodegradable cellophane, flowers foam or any other nasty things….

      We use an innovative concept thanks to the use of biodegradable hydrating fabric (helping us to keep the flowers happy during their overnight carbon-neutral journey), using stunning reused coffee bags of hessian & recycled Kraft paper.

      Our Goodies Quality

      We source 95% of our lovely product from local independent & genuine small company based within a short distance from our studio and any product that you are going it will make a big difference for them.

      We would like to say that all of our products are 100% organic and fairtrade…..but we still working in achieving it.

      We guarantee you that all the product are going to be as good and stunning as our floral & plants

      Do you want to see who are our supplier? Every member of the collective have a page on this website - please find link in the footer

      How It Works 

      You can mix and match any product that you see here and we will Eco-wrap them and deliver for you.

      Yes it’s as easy at it sounds.

      - Flowers - Ladies & Gentlemen, 2 options available:

      THE SURPRISE! Pick one of our bouquets (they differentiate by the number of stems in each bouquet) and we will work our magic.

      I know it is quite a different concept! You will not able to pick the exact flowers but you can rest assured that it will be breathtaking…see some inspirational pictures of some of our in-transit bouquet (or have recently been delivered to) for some amazing customers like you.

      THE KNOWN: Pick between our 2 or 3 weekly designs (correct we have new designs every week) and you will be able to choose how much you would like to impress the receiver by choosing between 3 sizes.

      What you see is what you get!

      Why we don’t have 40 or so bouquet in stock? We want to guarantee that we have the freshest seasonal flowers (our arrangements speak for themselves) and reduce the possible wastage.

      - Plant - 

      Hardy plants which are easy to take care of in wow vases…..this is what you can find from us.

      And by the way, all plants are great for purifying the air & raising the mood! Each of our living friends come with a unique name and special caring instructions so your recipient will know exactly how to care for it!

      - Goodies -special unique gifts

      Do you fancy sending a hand-picked hamper, a unique necklace or some uber tasting chocolate? Select your goodies and we will pack them in stunning Eco-wrapping.

      We’re always adding new goodies…..so keep your eyes open!

      Our Eco-Charitable Mission

      I think that we are on the right path and we always try to improve, see below what we have achieved so far:

      • All our packages are biodegradable or recyclable
      • We guarantee that all our delivery are Carbon neutral 
      • We are protecting a parcel of land in the Nicaraguan cloud forest of Isla de Ometepe
      • All the above should be more than enough to offset any Carbon that we may produce, but just to play safe we plant a tree every 100 order
      • Also, we donate every order £1 to our current charity

      If you would like to know anything more about what we are doing please drop us a line...

      Super Fast Ordering

      Just jump online and a few minutes later, BAM, your order’s complete and you're on your way to becoming a flower super hero! We know you don't want to spend your entire lunch hour sorting through hundreds of (mediocre, in our opinion) options, which is why we've created faster-than-a-speeding-bullet ordering. Now go eat your lunch!