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      As a company, we have always cared deeply about our impact on our environment. And as a result we continuously strive to lessen any negative impact we have on the environment. Through doing this we hope to provide an example for our competitors to follow.

      We believe that at The Hiden Collective we’re different, because we just purchase British Flowers, collaborate with independent suppliers, and because we strive to give the best possible experience to our customers. 

      I think that we are on the right path and we always try to improve, see below what we have achieved so far:

      • All our packages are biodegradable or recyclable
      • We guarantee that all our delivery are Carbon neutral 
      • We are protecting a parcel of land in the Nicaraguan cloud forest of Isla de Ometepe
      • All the above should be more than enough to offset any Carbon that we may produce, but just to play safe we plant a tree every 100 order
      • Also, we donate every order £1 to our current charity

      Also we are working towards implementing a formal Environmental Management System for environmental good practice.

      Our main aims are:

      • To meet and, where practical, exceed all relevant regulatory requirements;
      • To prevent pollution and minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of our activities or products;
      • To promote environmental awareness throughout the organisation and provide training to ensure that all staff understand their environmental responsibility;
      • To manage our waste sustainably and recognise our responsibility to recycle wherever possible;
      • To use resources efficiently in all of our activities.  

      We are currently working towards the following specific objectives:

      • Achieve a measurable increase in recycled waste;
      • Implement a suitable environmental purchasing policy;
      • Educate our clients in respect of our environmental policy and objectives;
      • Develop an internal environmental implementation plan.

      This policy reflects the aims of top management and is communicated to all employees, partners, suppliers and contractors - the undersigned holds overall responsibility for environmental issues but all of our staff are responsible for the implementation of this policy by the way that they carry out their day-to-day activities.