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      Flowers in Season for Late Autumn

      Flowers in  Season for Late Autumn

      Late Autumn is hands down my absolute favourite season – to be in, to work with and create for!

      Late autumn, the nights are drawing in and it's the perfect period for settling down in the evening with a mug of our favourite hot chocolate.

      Its nature's last show of colour before winter and the cold weather sets in and it is wonderful to going for walks in the woods underneath the glowing colours of Autumn leaves.

      Are you wondering which seasonal British flowers are in season during this period?

      Like most growing living things, British grown flowers are affected by the seasons, the weather, and other regional natural changes. 

      As a result some of the flowers listed in this late Autumn flowers seasonal guides may not be available at a certain time. 

      Autumn British Flowers

      Seasonal British Flowers Deliver

       Ethical Flowers Delivery UK

      Other Late Autumn seasonal British Flowers:  

      Anemone, Crocus, Nerine, Cyclamen, Blackberries, Zinnia, Snapdragon, Scabiousa, Delphimium, Ammi, Verbena, Hydrangea


      Would you like to know more about  British flowers?

      Are you curious to see the difference between emissions of CO2 between British flowers and Dutch flowers?

      Have a look at our BEST BLOOMS - BRITISH BLOOMS  blog post and I can promise you that after that you realise how much more CO2 has been produced by the imported flowers you will always want to source British Flowers.


      How to help butterflies and moths this autumn

      How to help butterflies and moths this autumn

      Have you got a garden? Doesn't matter if is big or small, you can definitively attract and help butterflies and moths.
      Butterflies are wonderful, with their eye catching patterns and bright colours they bring so much joy, but unfortunately they are in decline year on yera and they need our help.
      Moths also are in step decline, with some moths falling up to 99%.
      Moths are often overlooked in favour of their day-flying cousins, but moths can be just as bright , important and beautiful as their butterfly cousin.

      Seedbom for butterfly

      Let’s take a look at how you can give them a helping hand this autumn:

      - Feed the butterflies & moths

      Many butterflies and moths in autumn they need to feed to build up a reserve for the winter.

      Wild British Flowers

      This is why you may see many of them when the weather is mild and sunny.

      They will feed on fallen fruit such as berries and apples, so don’t clear up all your windfalls just yet.

      If you don't have any fallen fruit, put out some of your own, mushy bananas and soft mangos are favourites. If the fruit is fermenting you might even witness a tipsy butterfly!


      - Leave untidy areas

      Let some areas of you outdoor garden grow wild...less work for you and lots of great helps for butterflies and moths.

      Brambles, dandelions, long grass and leaf litter may look as weeds for you but this are crucial for our butterfly and moth friends.

      Some butterflies spend winter in a kind of hibernation amongst the leaf litter, while lots of moths spend the winter as pupae, all tucked up in their cocoons.

      They do this in the top layer of garden soil or in piles of leaves and plant debris on the ground – what better excuse to save your back and do a little less gardening?

      The caterpillars generally hatch after around two weeks and then eat almost constantly until they’re ready to pupate, shedding their skin a few times along the way to accommodate their extra bulk.

      Ivy Foliage

      Importance of Ivy

      Ivy flowers late in the year when other nectar sources are unavailable and is a great source of food for autumnal moths.






      Buddleia Seasonal flowers

      - Benefits of Buddleia

      Buddleia is a great nectar source for garden butterflies during the summer but they can be encouraged to flower well into October in mild years.

      Deadhead to prolong flowering period and then cut back to prevent the seeds spreading ( Buddleia can be invasive)



      - Build a bug hotel

      Build a unique bug hotel and create a perfect shelter for your garden wildlife.

      You don't need a lots, you can use all your garden waste, like sticks, branches and leaves to create the perfect hideout for anything from ladybirds, hedgehogs, woodlice, toads, bumblebees and butterflies.

      - Plant bulbs for pollinators

      Now is the time to plant bulbs to provide spring colour and a valuable nectar and pollen source for pollinators emerging from their winter hibernation.

      Plants such as Snowdrops. Crocuses and English bluebells are all excellent choices and favourites among the first spring butterflies.

      - Let the nettles be

      Nettles don’t need to be trimmed in the autumn as they will die back over the winter and there may still be some caterpillar activity.

      Stinging nettles are vital to some of our most well-known butterflies.

       Autumn Flower gifts

      Seasonal Flowers : Autumn

      Seasonal Flowers : Autumn

      Ethical British Autumn Flowers

      The colour and flowers of Autumn are truly magical and we love them!

      The leaves are starting to change & the golden light make their colours stunning, the days become shorter and we all getting ready for the change of season. Winter walks followed by cosy fires await!

      Autumnal blooms colour are definitely reflecting the changing mood of the season, rich reds, refreshing orange, golden shades and crimson & shades of brown. 

      The Autumn flowers stars:


      Dalhia Flowers

      The national flower of Mexico, dahlias bloom all the way through autumn, keeping us happy once the flood of summer colour starts to wane. The varieties can look very different - expect to find dahlias that look like pom poms, others that look like spiky stars and some that are so big (think 35cm in diameter!) they are known as ‘dinner plate dahlias’.

      Dahlias are thought to represent dignity and gratitude. They aren’t scented, but they make up for this by flowering in every colour. The trendy Cafe au Lait dahlia is a pale peachy cream that looks incredible teamed with blush roses and burgundy amaranthus.


      Aster Flowers

      The aster is a unique daisy-like wildflower that’s known for its star-shaped flower head. Aster are thought to represent love and wisdom. With a rich history in Greek mythology, it’s said that the aster was created by the tears of the Greek goddess, Astraea.

      One day, she was so upset by how few stars there were in the dark sky, that she began to cry. As she wept, her tears fell to the ground and turned into star-shaped aster flowers. Thus, the flower was named after her, with aster meaning star.

      Aster are also known in the floristry industry as "frost flowers" thanks to their strength in growing during the cold month of the year.



      The name chrysanthemum comes from a combination of the Greek words chrysos, meaning gold, and anthos, meaning flower. 

      There are several types of chrysanthemums available today and, depending on the variety, they flower during different times of the year.

      Chrysanthemums are associated with optimism, wealth, friendship and peace.

      Chrysanthemums were first brought to Japan by Buddhist monks in 400 AD.  This flower was so loved that they added it to the Imperial Crest. 

      The Japanese are known to still celebrate this flower by hosting annual exhibitions.  According to feng shui,( the Chinese art of connecting  and balancing our interiors with the energy of the natural world to improve the energy of our living spaces) chrysanthemums are associated with happiness and joy.




      The name crocosmia comes from the Greek words for saffron (krokos) and smell (osme), because dipping dry crocosmia flowers in water apparently releases a saffron-like aroma.

      Common names for crocosmia are coppertips and falling stars.

      Crocosmia is one of the plants that originated from Africa, but are cultivated all over the world.

      The cultivated diversity is enormous with more than 400 varieties available in the world.

      Our Autumn Bouquet Selections:

      At The Hiden Collective we offer only Ethical Seasonal British Flowers and we  guarantee you that there are so many option in Autumn.

      We offer 2 weekly seasonal flowers selections that are reflecting the change of the seasons and what our flower growers are able to produce within the UK.

      Celebrate the change of season!

      The Hiden Collective Autumn Bouquets
      Autumn Bouquet Collection

      We can deliver the same day, locally from our studio (including Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Market Harborough, Corby, Peterborough and Leicester) and next day delivery in UK( including London, Bristol, Brighton, Nottingham & Manchester).