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      Torch Aloe - Aloe Aristata

      Torch Aloe - Aloe Aristata

      English name:
      Torch Aloe

       Latin name:
      Aloe Aristata

       About me:

      I am really hardy, I produce an orange tubular flower once a year and I am evergreen.

      Not bad at all for a small plant like me!

      I am native to the mountain grasslands of Lesotho and southern Africa.



      I'm not really fussy and I should be able to cope with most temperatures.


      Only water me when my soil feels dry to the touch because I am draught resistant. 

      I can grow up to 30cm in height with a spread of around 40-60cm. But don't you worry I am not in rush and I grow slowly.

      Feed me a balanced succulent fertiliser 2 or 3 times in the growing season 


      Re-pot me every couple of year in a mix of well drained, gritty soil.


      Don't eat me, this could cause severe discomfort!