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      Money Plant - Crassula Ovata

      Money Plant - Crassula Ovata

      Money Plant - Crassula Ovata

      English name:
      Money Plant - Jade Plant

       Latin name:
      Crassula Ovata

       About me:

      I am a popular succulent houseplant with fleshy, oval-shaped leaves and thick woody stems. 

      Treat me well and I will produce white flowers in late winter, making an attractive and mildly fragrant display.

      I am native to South Africa & Mozambique
      During the summer and spring you should be water me often so the soil is moist but not wet, making sure drainage is immaculate. Reduce watering to monthly in the winter. And, please never let me sit in water. 

      Average to cool room temperatures from 15-24°C but can cope with as low as 10°C.

      I can grow to about a 1.5 meter tall, but don't you worry I grow slowly!
      Feed me at the beginning of the growing season.


      I don't need to be prune and re-pot me when I'm bursting out of my container.
      Wipe my leaves to remove dust.


      I am toxic for animal and mildly toxic to humans.



      Once i was thought to bring good luck to their owners so i was often given as housewarming gifts.