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      Valentine's Day Roses

      Valentine's Day Roses


      British Flowers in Season for Winter

      British Flowers in Season for Winter

      Rainy, windy days are definitely a big feature of winter and you are probably just dreaming to snuggle down with a comfy blanket around a cosy wood burning stove.

      Winter in UK can be gloomy at times and definitively cold but at  the same time you can still find some stunning seasonal flowers and foliage to warm the soul. 

      Are you wondering which seasonal British flowers are in season during this period?

      Like most growing living things, British grown flowers are affected by the seasons, the weather, and other regional natural changes. 

      As a result some of the flowers listed in this Winter flowers seasonal guide may not be available at certain times. 


      Winter British Flowers

      Winter available flowers UK


      Seasonal winter British Flowers

      Would you like to know more about  British flowers?

      Are you curious to see the difference between emissions of CO2 between British flowers and Dutch flowers?

      Have a look at our BEST BLOOMS - BRITISH BLOOMS  blog post and I can promise you that after that you realise how much more CO2 has been produced by the imported flowers you will always want to source British Flowers.

      Ethical New Year resolution 2021

      Ethical New Year resolution 2021

      The new year is around the corner and it’s time to set some resolutions. But how about you ditch those old cliche resolutions this year and instead make some ethical ones that make a difference to your environment as well as the entire planet?

      Sounds interesting?

      Here’s what you can add to your list of ethical new year resolutions 2021 - 

      Say No To Plastic - Plastic is a big no when it comes to the environment so this new year, abandon everything that is plastic. So instead of going to a supermarket and buying a new plastic bag every time, invest in reusable tote bags that you can carry when you shop. 

      And remember to say no to bottled water because they are the of the primary reason for polluting the oceans and beaches.

      The Minimalist Lifestyle - Living a minimalistic lifestyle in simple words means being mindful of your purchases. It means to be aware of the consequences of what you spend your money on. There’s a line between shopping for your needs and fulfilling your wants. This year let’s try to be cautious of our purchases and enjoy the liberation that this new minimalistic life brings with it. 

      No Palm Oil - Avoid eateries, makeups, sanitation commodities, or combustible that contains palm oil in the component listing. Palm oil is one of the reasons that contribute to disastrous changes like deforestation, global warming, human rights breaches, and deteriorating health when used. 

      No Palm Oil

      Sustainable Home Decor - When we talk about sustainable home decor, it is about being considerate to both living beings as well as the planet. It is about picking commodities that use the least resources which are long-lasting, or that can be reused or recycled, so as to make sure that we leave the world in a sound position and create succinct waste. 

      This also habitually means utilising products that add to green living or adapting manners that help save resources like energy, water, etc.

      Choosing to go for Eco-friendly home decor also lessens augmentations to different kinds of pollution which is why it is so important to be mindful about what you add to your living space.


      10 Facts About Poinsettia

      10 Facts About Poinsettia

      What's in the name "Poinsettia"?

      The name derives from the fact that Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, introduced the first specimens to North America in 1828.

      Where is  the Poinsettia originally from?

      Also the Poinsettia is intolerant to the cold and need to be grown in greenhouses and wrap extremely well when transport it in cold weather. 

      Montezuma favourite plant

      Going back in history, the Aztecs called them Cuetlaxochitl and considered them to be gifts from the gods, representing mortality and purity.

      Montezuma, last of the Aztec Emperors, filled his palace with poinsettias.

      The  Cuetlaxochitl plants were more than just a symbol, they had practical uses to: the sap was used to reduce fevers and a dye was made from the leaves.

      Why is it a  Christmas Plant?

      The poinsettia’s association with Christmas comes from a Mexican legend.

      The story goes that a child, with no means for a gift, gathered humble weeds from the side of the road to place at the church alter on Christmas Eve.

      Then during the Christmas celebration the weeds turned into brilliant red and green flowers.

      Are Poinsettia Toxic?

      Many people believe that poinsettias are highly toxic, but that is a myth.

      It’s definitely not recommended for people or animals to eat poinsettias, but a child would need to eat approximately 500 leaves to have a major reaction.

      Some people who have a latex allergy might find skin contact with poinsettia sap irritates their skin.

      Poinsettia Plant Delivery UKFor how long has Poinsettia  been popular at Christmas?

      In 1830 the Poinsettias were fragile and mostly seen only in the glasshouses and conservatories of wealthy collectors and Botanical Gardens.

      In 1920, the Ecke Family (pictured) with some clever branding and a lot of entrepreneurial know-how they managed to make the Poinsettia or Christmas Plant (the name given by the Ecke Family) one of the most sold house plants in the world,

      Are the Poinsettia flowers red?

      The Poinsettia flowers are little yellow buds in the centre of each collection of leaves and they are definitely not the most beautiful part of the plant.

      The most beautiful "petals" of the poinsettia aren't flowers at all, but lush red, white or green leaves.

      Poinsettia Plant UKHow many Poinsettia do we buy in the UK?

      Every year we buy around 8 million plants in UK.

      Along with Orchids they are one of the most sold houseplants.

      The majority of Poinsettia are grown in UK by specialist growers and it takes approximately 6 months to grow to marketable size.

      Not so easy as you think!

      Poinsettia need to have twelve hours of darkness for at least five nights in a row in order for the bracts to change colour.

      Even bright streetlights can cause confusion for this plant, so it’s not as simple a process as you might think for the commercial growers.

      How many varieties of Poinsettia exist?

      There are more than 100 varieties of poinsettias available today.

      Poinsettias can grow in colours like the traditional red, white, pink, burgundy, marbled, and speckled.

      We hope you enjoy this Season with some ancient Aztec wonder by your side!

      Christmas Gift delivery UK

      Christmas Bouquet Delivery UK



      Christmas Wreath Making Tutorial

      Christmas Wreath Making Tutorial

      Christmas Wreath Making Tutorial

      Do you know someone that would love to create their own Christmas Wreath?

      Or maybe you would like to learn a new skill with a friend or family member either in person or over a video call? Our Christmas Wreath Making Kit is perfect for this festive season!

      This DIY wreath kit includes everything you need to make your very own festive door wreath and get creative!

      Video Tutorial



       Step by Step Tutorial 

      Wreath Making diy kit

      Step 1

      Once you open your box, check all your wreath making material.











      Wreath delivery UK

      Step 2

      Attach one end of the reel wire to your frame with a few twists.











      Wreath Making Tutorial

      Step 3

      Secure bundles of bunched up moss to the frame by wrapping the reel wire around them. We use moss as it gives depth to the wreath – it will also provide moisture for the foliage you’ll be adding later.









      Christmas Wreath delivery UK

      Step 4

      Continue adding bunches of moss until the whole frame is covered with an even distribution. Keep the reel wire attached to the wreath. Assemble small bundles of your mixed foliage and pine – it works best to keep larger bits of foliage and pine at the back of the bundle.









      Christmas wreath making DIY kit

      Step 5

      Lay a bundle of foliage on the wreath and secure firmly using the reel wire. Add more bundles in the same direction, overlapping with the previous one.











      Natural Christmas Wreath delivery UK

      Step 6

      Continue adding bundles of leaves until the frame is evenly covered. Cut the reel wire, leaving enough to secure at the back by twisting it around itself.











      Natural Wreath making DIY kit

      Step 7

      Attach a ribbon by doubling it around your wreath underneath the foliage, leaving it long enough to attach to your door. It’s a good idea to hold up the wreath and look at the shape before you decide where to attach the ribbon.










      Wreath Making Kit delivery uk

      Step 8

      Cut long lengths of reel wire to make ‘legs’ for your decorations (to attach them to the wreath). To do this, bend the wire in half and attach with a few twists around a suitable point on your decoration (such as the stem or around the pine cone).










      Xmas Wreath delivery UK

      Step 9

      Attach the decorations at random intervals around the wreath by separating out the ‘legs’ of the wire and securing them at the back of  the wreath with a few twists. Use the ribbon to hang your wreath on a door or suitable place Your stunning festive wreath can be also be used for decorating your wall, door or mantelpiece!










      Xmas wreath delivery UK

      Step 10

      Well done!! You have created and made your very own  wonderful creative Christmas wreath- sit back with some mulled wine and enjoy! Merry Christmas!