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      Workshops in Oakham, Rutland.

      Workshops in Oakham, Rutland.


      Finally are here!

      After many request from September we will start to host a range of different workshops at The Rutland Garden Village in Oakham and at few other venue within the Rutland, Leicestrshire area.

      Create with your hands

      There’s something wonderful about working with your hands. 

      Floristry has a calming, restorative effect. We call it flower therapy. 

      Our workshops are designed to inspire. You’ll leave full of confidence and an urge to create. For friends, for teams, for flower lovers flying solo. 

      Beginners or seasoned snippers.  The experience is relaxed, fun and filled with flowers.

      Oakham flowers schol

      The workshops

      We are passionate about using British flowers and we will sharing our world of sustainable floristry.

      You can learn how to arrange flowers for your home or create the essential bridal flower bouquets and accessories that you will need for your wedding.

      Our one day Introduction to Floristry workshop will give you a taster as to what it's like working as a florist, or if you want to take the plunge join us for our Career Course, an intensive three day workshop where we cover all you need to start your flowery journey.

      Light refreshments and all the flowers and materials you will need are provided in all of our workshops. 

      Workshops list

      This is a list of the workshops that we are planning to run:


      • Hand Tied Bouquet 
      • Low vase floral arrangement (without the terrible flower foam)
      • Introduction to floristry
      • DIY Bride
      • Autumn Wreath 
      • Flower Crown
      • Seasonal Flowers For The Table
      • Christmas Wreath Workshop
      • Afternoon Tea/Prosecco + Hand Tied Bouquet Workshop
      • Christmas Table Arrangement
      • Festive Tablescape 


      • Dried Flowers Wreath
      • Dried Flowers Arrangement
      • Dried Flowers Terrarium
      • Dried Flowers Crown
      • Dried Flowers Hand Tied Bouquet
      • Dried Flowers Terrarium


      • Terrarium
      • Macrame

      Oakham Workshop 

      Chicken wire for floral arrangement

      Chicken wire for floral arrangement

      Chicken wire is much better that floral foam and should be the first option when you are going to create a floral arrangement.

      Is reusable, is more economical, the flowers are able to drink naturally and is much much better for the environment.

      A win win for us and the planet.

      Step by step to how to use chicken wire in a floral arrangement:

      Chicken wire floral arrangement

      • Cut a square of chicken wire and fold it into a cushion shape, making sure that all the sharp edges of the chicken wire are twisted towards the inside of the cushion to avoid damaging the container.
      • The size of the chicken wire required depends on the size and shape of the container. Unfortunately there is not a specific rule to follow but I am sure that after few attempts will much easier.
      •  Place the chicken wire cushion into the container and if you have the possibility you can fix it with floral tape or with any other tape that you have available. The best method is create a cross on the wire with the tape and stick the end on the container. Try to use as little tape as possible and try to not make showing that much or you will need lots of flowers and foliage to cover it.
      • If you decide to use a transparent glass vase a good trick is to line the container first with large simple leaves or a twist of trailing ivy to conceal the wire.

      Foam free floral arrangement Oakham

      • Add water to your container and possibly includes some flowers food. Start your decoration by adding you foliage, make sure that the stems are long enough to reach the base of the vase and so they can drink easily and last for long time.
      • Once you are the majority of foliage add your flowers and use the last foliage where required.
      • Every few days or whenever you fill that is need it top up the water in the container.

      Chicken wire floral arrangement tutorial

      Do you wonder why floral foam is not good for the environment?

      Read here our blog post THE GREEN ALTERNATIVE TO FLORAL FOAM

      The green alternative to floral foam


      We do NOT support Black Friday

      We do NOT support Black Friday

      We do love a good deal and a hunt for a bargain but also we believe that there is an alternative to the ruthless policy of the big retailers to push you into purchasing a deal. Especially when most of the time, we would suggest, the item may not actually be needed...

      Black Friday has an incredible negative impact on our planet, it is the biggest sales days of the year thanks to the crazy discounts that generate an incredible amount of waste worldwide.

      What we are going to do instead!

      We do not support black Friday, it will be very hypocritical if we were considering that here at The Hiden Collective we stand for Ethical & Locally source seasonal flowers, hampers and gifts from local independent business and 100% Eco-wrapping.

      Our goal is to generate a small positive impact without costing the Earth.

      We would like to offer you for 4 weeks (commencing on the 30th October) unique product discount that is different each week but valid to be used within the next 12 months whenever you wish to!

      Black Friday Flowers Delivery UK

      Unique discounts by week:

      30/10-05/11 - Gift Card

      - 30% discount on Gift Card from £100 

      - 20% discount on £80 Gift Card

      - 15% discount on £50 Gift Card

      06/11-12/11 - 20% discount on all our Hampers

      12/11-19/11 - 20% discount on all our Plants

      20/11-26/11 - 20% discount on all our Flowers

      27/11 - 20% of every sale goes to the Woodland Trust, the UK's largest woodland conservation charity

       #takebackblackfriday - #greenfriday

      #takebackblackfriday is a growing movement started by Global Fashion Exchange and Eco-Age and they are calling on our communities around the world to celebrate a slower, more sustainable ways of living.

      #greenfriday is campaign where companies are trying to coax the public out of the shops and away from their computer and mobile screens (where they are spending so much money!!), to instead spend time outdoors, with friends and family, enjoying the wonders that our world has to offer.

      They want us to keep buying as if there is not tomorrow, and Black Friday or Cyber Monday are just another way of wooing us into keep spending money and buying “stuff".

      When consumers demand more, more needs to be made which increases the negative impact on the environment. Our consumption habits are already taking a toll with increased emissions, increased land-use and deforestation, which is accelerating climate change.

      We need to change the way we shop

      As global sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday increase year on year, the phenomenon of frenzied festive discount shopping is growing exponentially.

      To move towards a more sustainable future, we need to change attitudes in order to positively impact the way we, as a global community, think and act; changing the way we shop is just one small factor in this.

      The Hiden Collective sustainable value:

      At The Hiden Collective we are trying to do the right things for our planet and we think that we are on the right path.

      So far this is what we manage to do and we still improving every day:

      • We only source Ethical & locally grown British flowers
      • We also buy only what we can sell and if we have any spare blooms, we donate and brighten the life of the residents of an elderly home close to our studio
      • Our supply chain is very simple, trackable and energy efficient.
      • All our packages are biodegradable or recyclable
      • We guarantee that all our delivery are Carbon neutral 
      • We are protecting a parcel of land in the Nicaraguan cloud forest on the Isla de Ometepe
      • All the above should be more than enough to offset any Carbon that we may produce, but just to play safe we plant a tree every 100 order
      • Also, we donate every order £1 to our current charity

       Would you like to know why it is important to buy Ethical & Sustainable British Flowers for your home or for your flowers delivery UK? 

      Read more here on our blog  Best Blooms - British Blooms

      Let's Be Friends

      Let's Be Friends

      The Hiden Collective is an independent small company that unites so many talented independent suppliers under a unique umbrella.

      Our goal is to update the way that flowers and gifts are delivered in the UK by providing a better and greener alternative to the big guys.

      Read more