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      Covid-19 Lockdown - How nature can help to improve our mood

      Covid-19 Lockdown - How nature can help to improve our mood

      We all know that plants and trees are good for the planet – photosynthesis, the chemical process that creates food for them, uses up carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. That’s pretty handy for humans, as we need oxygen to exist, and we breathe out carbon dioxide.
      So many of us during this lockdown are unable to work, or are working from home, many of us have been inspired to explore nature in their neighbourhood and this is great because connecting with nature can help us feel happier and more energised.

      During lockdown car emissions declined, there are fewer tiny particles in the air, so it's easier to see beyond built-up areas and to the stars in the night sky. Less city noise also highlights birdsong.

      Reduce stress...adopt a plant!

      Looking at plants can be good for your mental health.
      Studies show that surrounding yourself with plant life or other forms of nature can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improve your memory and focus, increase your self-esteem, and generally make you happier.
      Also having plants in your home may also remove some potentially harmful chemical compounds from the atmosphere.
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      How nature has a positive effect on us?
      Being in nature or even looking at nature scenes, reduce fear, anger, stress and increases pleasant feeling.
      Also, being exposed to nature contributes to; reducing blood pressure, heart rate, the production of stress hormone and muscle tension.
      Being a "plant parent" also help us to appreciate the power we have to nurture, and gives us a sense of achievement when the plant flourishes.
      How to experience more nature on a daily basis?

      Studies have proven that we can benefit enormously if we are able to spend at least two hour a week connecting with nature.

      And if we are able to immerse not only by using our sight but also by using other senses like sound and smell, the result and benefit are even greater.

      There are many ways we can experience nature every day:

      - Open the window to catch the sounds of birds, tree  branches and leaves blowing in the wind.

      - Keep an eye on a tree close to you to see the changes to the leaves, the appearance of blossom and seeds.

      - Add natural elements in your home, plants, flowers & decorative branches. 

      - Try to take a walk either first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day. You will not enjoy just the beautiful nature feature, but also you will be able to experience wonderful warm light colours. Catching the sunset can be a wonderful experience for all the family at this time of year as it is at an early time for everyone!


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