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      Flowers in Season for Late Autumn

      Flowers in  Season for Late Autumn

      Late Autumn is hands down my absolute favourite season – to be in, to work with and create for!

      Late autumn, the nights are drawing in and it's the perfect period for settling down in the evening with a mug of our favourite hot chocolate.

      Its nature's last show of colour before winter and the cold weather sets in and it is wonderful to going for walks in the woods underneath the glowing colours of Autumn leaves.

      Are you wondering which seasonal British flowers are in season during this period?

      Like most growing living things, British grown flowers are affected by the seasons, the weather, and other regional natural changes. 

      As a result some of the flowers listed in this late Autumn flowers seasonal guides may not be available at a certain time. 

      Autumn British Flowers

      Seasonal British Flowers Deliver

       Ethical Flowers Delivery UK

      Other Late Autumn seasonal British Flowers:  

      Anemone, Crocus, Nerine, Cyclamen, Blackberries, Zinnia, Snapdragon, Scabiousa, Delphimium, Ammi, Verbena, Hydrangea


      Would you like to know more about  British flowers?

      Are you curious to see the difference between emissions of CO2 between British flowers and Dutch flowers?

      Have a look at our BEST BLOOMS - BRITISH BLOOMS  blog post and I can promise you that after that you realise how much more CO2 has been produced by the imported flowers you will always want to source British Flowers.


      Melton - Flowers & Plants Delivery

      Melton - Flowers & Plants Delivery

      Melton Flowers & Plants Delivery

      Every single day we visit Melton Mowbray to deliver some of our beautiful gifts.

      We are just 10 minutes away and the road from our studio is just a single lane with beautiful rolling hills and fields dotted with cows and sheep.

      Not a bad journey at all!

      Melton Mowbray is the quintessential English rural town, with its buzzing livestock market and unique buildings  including an almshouse.

      Melton Mowbray is usually referred  just as Melton by locals and is in the county of Leicestershire, England.

      Two traditional delicacies with European Protected Designation of Origin come from Melton Mowbray and its environs.

      One is the Melton Mowbray pork pie and the other one is Stilton, a wonderful blue cheese produced since the 18th century.

      Melton is also recognised as the "Rural Capital of Food" and normally hosts many food festivals during the year.

      Melton Mowbray Florist  - St Mary's Church:

      St Mary's  is considered the  finest parish church in Leicestershire and was almost entirely built in the 13th and 14th centuries, while the Perpendicular Gothic exterior was completed in the 15th century.




      Melton Flowers Delivery- Melton Heritage Trail:

      Have a stroll in Melton and you can see so much history.

      On Burton Street you’ll come to a row of fascinating historic buildings.

      The Bede House here is a 17th-century almshouse where six lowly widows or widowers could stay for free provided they prayed daily for their benefactor’s soul!

      Also on this street, Anne of Cleves’ House (now a pub) has 14th-century origins as a chantry priests’ residence and was given to Anne in her divorce settlement from King Henry VIII.

      The Egerton Lodge (1829) on Wilton Road was a base for the Quorn Hunt, while the palatial George Hotel on the High Street is an 18th-century coach house.

      Melton Florist delivery- Melton Mowbray Pork Pie:

      The Melton Mowbray pork pie gained its initial popularity as a favourite snack of fox hunters in the 19th century.

      The true version has a hand-made crust, with a chopped, uncured pork filling enclosed within a layer of pork jelly.




      Melton Mowbray florist- Stilton Cheese:

      This crumbly blue cheese with a potent whiff was also first produced in the countryside near Melton Mowbray.

      As it happens, Stilton comes in blue and white varieties, but blue is far more famous.

      Blue Stiltons have to be made from local milk, have a cylindrical shape and delicate blue veins that radiate from its core.




      At The Hiden Collective we offer the freshest Ethical & Sustainable British Flowers and plants and we are able to deliver the same day or on your preferred date.

      Chose one of our weekly flower bouquets, plants in unique vases, hampers and gifts from independent suppliers including Two Chimps and Cocoa Amore.

      We can deliver same day to Stapleford, Long Clawson, Langar, Belvoir, Scalford, Bottesford, Great Dalby and many more towns and villages in nearby areas.

      If you don't know what to choose, you can call as on 01572 337394 and we would love to help you in choosing the best gifts for your friend or loved one.

      Celebrate any occasion with The Hiden Collective, flowers & plants delivered straight to any address in Melton with no hassle.