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      Ideas for reusing our Hessian wrapping- what's yours?

      Ideas for reusing our Hessian wrapping- what's yours?

      Here at The Hiden Collective the impact that we have on our planet  is important to and we are trying our best to reduce our impact on the environment and consider all aspects of our activities no matter how small the impact maybe.

      This is why we have chosen from the beginning of the  Collective not to use :

      • non biodegradable cellophane,
      • flowers foam,
      • ribbon or any other nasty things….

      Our flowers are gorgeously wrapped with an innovative biodegradable hydrating fabric (helping us to keep the flowers happy during their overnight carbon-neutral journey) water holding bag and hessian.

      We want to share with you and encourage you to be creative and reuse the hessian to pro long it's life cycle. Celebrate it's brilliance of being so multi purpose or nurture your creativity by working it into your day to day wrapping needs! Here is some interesting facts about Hessian and some of our ideas of how to reuse the Hessian but we would love to hear what you do with yours?  

      What is Hessian?

      Hessian is an eco-friendly woven fabric made from skin of the jute plant.

      Hessian is consider to have a lower environmental impact than cotton due to its less water intensive production process, fast growth and its ability to biodegrade in soil.

      The strength of the hessian jute fibres means that the fabric does not easily tear or stretch, and keeps its strength even after being wet and dried repeatedly.

      Historically hessian has been produced as a coarse fabric, but more recently it is being used in a refined state for creating bags, rugs and other products.

      Hessian was first exported from India in the early 19th century and is mostly used to ship goods like coffee beans and tea (thanks to the fact that it is breathable and so resists condensation and associated spoilage of contents).

      The word hessian is attributed to the historic use of the fabric in German soldiers uniforms, who were known as hessians.

      What can you do with the Hessian flower wrapping? 

      Eco Gift Wrap

      Next time you are need to wrap a gift, rather than use paper, why you don't try to reuse the hessian fabric.

      Just wrap as if using paper, forgot sellotape and fasten with twine string or your favourite ribbon to make it completely eco-friendly.

      What about adding a few sprigs of foliage to add a wild touch.

      Natural Table Decor

      For an eco-chic dinner, why not to use the hessian to create placemats and coasters.

      Simply cut the fabric into rectangular shape for placemats and squares for coasters, at each corner pull out a top thread to create the frayed edge.

      Continue the natural theme with earthy-hue tableware, jars of flowers, loose foliage and scented candles for a rustic tablescape.

      Rustic Kitchenware

      Spruce up your kitchen cupboards and storage jars with hessian lid covers.

      Simple and easy to create, just cut out circle, 3-4 cm wider than the diameter of the jar lid, so there is enough fabric to cover the lid and a few centimetres of the side.

      The jars covers are also perfect if you have a gift that you want to add a little decorative touch to. 

      We've highlighted a few ideas to reuse our hessian flower wrap but we're sure you've got some innovative ideas to make use of the hessian before it reaches the compost bin..... we would love to hear from you? Please